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Contrary to what people think, golfers (in Malaysia; I don’t know about those in other countries) encounter lots of problems playing the ancient sport. They do suffer but their spouses and non-golfers won’t know because pride, ego and stupidity don’t allow them to admit it.

However, they’re also lucky because some very creative and think-outside-the-box guys are there to help cure whatever ailments they may have. And here are two great tips telling them where they can get their bodies healed from:

1. Cure for gallstones: A golfer is forced to spend almost five hours under the scorching sun. He’ll sweat a lot and his body will lose lots of fluids. If he doesn’t drink enough water, over time he will get gallstones. I don’t need to go into details on what gallstones (and kidney stones) are and how painful it could be but I can tell you – from my own experience – it’s very, very painful.

Anyway, those pesky stones can be flushed out.  How? By going to the doctor, of course. But that’s the normal way. There’s an alternative way and perhaps much cheaper, too.

Cure for your ailments, anyone?

The advert actually says “Treatment for Gallstones & Disturbance by Spirits”. The  real meaning? This guy can get rid of those stones his own traditional or unorthodox way.

How about the “Disturbance by Spirits” part? Oh that. It means this expert here is also quite capable of removing naughty spirits residing in the golfer’s body. Spirits in a golfer’s body? Well, that’s for another posting one day in the future.

2. Cure those body aches and sprains: Five hours of whacking and hacking the little white or yellow ball around 100 acres of grass and bushes and semi-jungle in 35deg temperatures is no joke. It takes a toll on any person’s body. Golfers get muscle aches all over. Sometimes they suffer little sprains. Just to name but a few, Tiger Woods has suffered from knee injuries, Ricky Fowler and Retief Goosen have back problems, as does Ben Crane. More so  those weekend and social golfers.

The tip for them? Somewhere there on tree branches there’ll be some kind of bulletin boards informing them “Massage your aches away the traditional way”.

done the traditional way

“Traditional Massage” it says. Lots of people and golfers can vouch for this. The traditional massage is the better – even the best – way to help get the tired and bashed body back to (almost) its original condition. Go ahead; call the number and try it out.

Well, I sincerely hope those two tips can be of help to golfers in their effort to play better this month than they did last month.

Happy golfing!


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