What golfers will “throw away” (from the original post in Malay)

If you were not a golfer, you would never imagine what some golfers would “throw” something away during a round of golf they played in. So what do they usually throw away? A few of such things:

1.  Strokes:   some will “throw away” his strokes when he realises he is already too far in front. This happens when the golfer is playing with his boss, or customer, or father-in-law/would-be father-in-law. He would feel so uneasy and uncomfortable when he is winning by too much already, to the extent that the smile or small talk by his boss/customer/pa-in-law is beginning to look or sound less normal.

So how will he throw away his strokes? He can do a few things. He will intentionally but in a very subtle way hit it OB, into the pond, or into deep rough. Chipping will be duffed. Putting will be either too soft or too hard. Of course when the other flight mates see his “OB” and “lost ball” or “missed putts”, they will be laughing with deep satisfaction.

2.  Throw the ball away:   not everybody will purposely throw away their balls, although a few would. But of course when the ball is already scratched, it will be thrown away. Or he feels “not nice” with it, he will throw it away. Sometimes guys will throw the ball away (not wanting to use it anymore) after for may be four or six holes.  It depends on the individual style.

There will also be a guy who will throw away his ball blaming it for being unlucky. Even though everyone in his flight knows it is him who is not playing well; the ball is perfectly perfect.

Then of course those who throw away their balls without any intention but simply unavoidable. They can’t see a pond any where in front or to the sides without hitting the poor ball towards and into that pond.  Or they will hit any tree that’s within a mile radius and the ball will be lost. Even a little rough will be the graveyard for their balls.

3. Throwing away a partner: At the starting point of the game, Pezal and Kadir forms a partnership, against that of Ali and Siva’s. The promise: “we will fight as a partnership against them till the last hole”. But just five holes into the match, Pezal had already shown signs that he wasn’t much of a help at all – being a burden, in fact – so upon reaching the sixth hole, Kadir introduced a new condition. “Guys, let’s play ‘sixers’, it’d be more interesting!” Meaning, Pezal was being thrown away as a partner!

There is also another situation where a partner gets thrown away without him realising it. The fours guys would be playing ‘sixers’ for the entire match. By the end of the game, and winnings and losses have been counted, Pezal was the only one who lost all three partnerhips. That’s the time when Pezal knew he was being “thrown” away!

4. Throwing away clubs: This is actually rather common to see. On tv, we can see that being done time to time by the professionals, throwing away their clubs when things go wrong. Tiger Woods used to do that, nut not anymore. Those among us who are not “golf pro”, we can see that happening: I have heard (don’t know it is a real story or a myth) of how a golfer threw away his putter into the pond because of his terrible putting. He should have just thrown himself into that pond instead of the club for being such a poor putter!

I can’t tell you too much more about this subject; I could be the one who got “thrown away”…


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