The things that drive people mad

There are several things which we do (or don’t do) that make people real mad with us. Likewise, there are several things which people do (or don’t do) which make us go real crazy.

In golf, we become mad with the front flight for being slow. We are also angry with the flight behind us for being unnecessarily too fast. Just like in a buffet line anywhere, we get angry with people who simply scoop up so much of the foodstuff into their plates (leaving not much for us behind them) but end up unfinished, wasted. We go real crazy with people who cut and weave their way in front of us in a traffic jam when we ourselves have been waiting ever so patiently for hours.

As for in this particular case, some guy just did not bother flushing the toilet after use, causing another guy to really blow his top.  And you would, too! Imagine when you have an emergency, and upon entering the toilet…it wasn’t flushed!

“You stupid fool Please Flush”


And then there is this case; it makes people real angry. Too many people must have been entering this “No Entry” street…



But as always, the problem is, the wrong-doers are never bothered with what others want to say about them, or what difficulties they will cause to others. As long as they themselves are convenienced by what they do. All the time we are the ones who suffer from those high blood pressures because of our anger with them.


Such is the way of the world…


(this is an English version of an original post in Malay Language


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