Largest Book fair in Malaysia

Sunday, Dec 23rd, was the last day of a book fair in Kuala Lumpur, claimed by the organisers as the world’s biggest book sale. With 3 million books on offer.

It was held from Dec 7th till Dec 23rd, but I went there only on on its last day. Well, not actually “went” as in “voluntarily going there” but as in “dragged there by my daughter”.

There were lots of people. And I was certain, not just people who went there for sight-seeing or window-shopping but people who actually went to buy some books.



Most books of any kinds and any genre were being sold at RM3.00, RM5.00 or RM6.00. Many fictions (soft cover) were priced at only RRM8.00. Hard covers were going at RM25.00.

bookfair5comicbookOf course none of the latest books were there. That has to be expected. And you wouldn’t be able to find all titles, either. For example, I noticed there were no titles by John Grisham, a few titles by Jeffrey Archer. But there were plenty of titles on the subjects of business, economy, management, and designs. And many children books! other than those, there were also a few titles on sports, fewere on golf.

As for me, I did manage to bring home 12 books, all for the grand sum of only RM109.00.

bookfair4 queueI love book fairs!!! 😀


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