Ladies and Gentlemen, your luggage is on the way!

The departure was on schedule, the cabin staff were great, the flight was smooth, the arrival was on time, and the touchdown was perfectly handled by the captain. You were feeling rather tired from all that sitting down, so all you wanted was to be home as soon as possible, to get a good night’s sleep. Just a matter of getting the luggage, go out and get a taxi and go home.

But the trouble was, sometimes your luggage had its own agenda. It would take its own sweet time. It would make you wait.

my my my…just when will it come out???

For some reasons other people’s luggage would always come out first. In your case tonight, the first bag that showed up was picked up by one gentleman, the second one belonged to the young fellow, that pretty lady in kebaya took away the third one. And you still waited for yours.

nope not mine, nope not mine…

What you must always bear is the fact that while your flying time may only be 45 minutes, the luggage-waiting-and-pick-up time could be 30 minutes. It would be longer for international flights when one plane-load is equal to 300 passengers, with probably 500 bags of all kinds and colours.

Nothing much you can do about it. It’s the price you have to pay when you fly.


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