Golf club for robbery

A golf club used for robbery, the report says.

Well, perhaps not for the first time ever. Anyway, here  is what I have read about (no, it is not in The Wall Street Journal):

Richard Haley, 27, is being charged for robbery, using a golf club to choke-hold his 27-year-old victim on July 30th at 11 pm in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, police said. He was trying to rob the other man of US$100. Haley is expected to appear for a bond hearing Saturday afternoon at the courthouse.

It was not known if the victim was hospitalized and police said they were seeking one more suspect.

For the record, this case happened somewhere in Chicago.

Moral of the story: Don’t ever use your golf club for robbery. You can use it for its intended purpose only. and you can use it for defence purposes. But never use a golf club for robbery.

No, taking your friends’ money on the golf course while soundly beating them is not called “robbery”. That is called “fraud”.

And also, for Malaysian readers: At the time of the robbery, US$100 was RM390. By the time you read this, it could well be RM400.




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