When there is cheating ….

1. Cheating is, let us see, … well, what do you call it if one cheat oneself? What do you call it one copies in an exam? What do you call it if one puts the blame on one’s friend for none of the friend’s fault? What do you call it if one cheats one’s spouse? What do you call it if one makes a false report to one’s boss? What do you call it if one swindels one’s employer, company, or organization?

2. Dishonest act. Corrupt practice. Unfaithful. CBT. Abuse of power. etc etc etc. I don’t know the correct names for the respective cases but my simple mind can only come up with “cheating“. For whatever purpose and reason, by whatever term and name, it is “cheating”.

3. Cheating in the corporate world is very damaging to the company. Thus when, for example, a CEO cheats his organization such as by awarding a business project to his/her family member, the effect is financially very damaging to the organization. When a manager cooks up statistics and figures on Product Quality Test Results, the effect will be very harmful to the company if and when discovered years later. When a storekeeper certifies that he has received 100 boxes of materials when actually only 98 are delivered, that can cause losses to the by and by.

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5. Can cheating be stopped? No, it cannot be stopped 100%. We are all human and being human, we are fallible as we try to be perfect, we are weak as we believe we are strong. We are tempted and we can be tempted. We cannot eliminate it but we must always try our best not to allow it to happen or permeate.

6. Organizations can instill upon their employees (ok, associates, team members) the good values against cheating via good moral programmes, team buildings with integrity content thrown in, education on integrity and honesty, adopting and enforcing policies against cheating, and many more. Very important also is to have effective monitoring systems against cheating such as internal audits. Every citizen of the organization must always know that cheating is never tolerated, always severely punishable.

7. Lastly, perhaps one of the best way is always by example. Start things from the top. Leaders and managers must show the way; others will follow sway.


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