Houston Open golf tournament

The Houston Open golf tournament is entering its final round in a few hours (Malaysian Time +8) from now. It’s going to be interesting.

Ian Poulter is the Joint Leader by two strokes – with Beau Hossler (have you heard of the name before?) – him being rather an unexpected forerunner. Poulter was way back on Day 1, made his climb on Day 2, and surprised everybody (but not himself?) by end of Day 3. It will be a big day for Poulter: a win today will entitle him to a place at next week’s first major, the Masters.

But the others are quite hot on his (their) heels. Fowler is -9, Spieth is just 4 back, the Ice Man is close behind at -11.

Will be an interesting final round for sure. Quite a bit is at stake. Poulter has not won on the PGA Tour since six long yeras ago. Beau Hossler’s win would be his first but more important, an invite to the Masters.

Signing off, here is wishing all the very best to Mr. Poulter!


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People flying low cost airlines not mentally low class

You will agree with me, I’m quite certain, that people who fly low cost airlines are not of low class mentality. They travel on such an airline because of its low cost (budget fares), or convenience, or availability, right?

After cruising at 35,000 feet up there above the clouds for about four hours or so, the airplane from this low cost airline we were in was gliding down for the touch down. With perhaps one more minute before the tyres would touch the tarmac — the stewardess having already made her standard announcement and instructions including “please switch off your handphones and electronic gadgets” — I was startled by at first one, then two, then three phones giving the notification tones. I mean, those three guys and the rest of us in that plane were not supposed to switch on — No! we were TOLD to SWITCH OFF — our smartphones and gadgets until we were in the airport building later.

An AirAsia airplane being readied for its flight carrying the airline’s customers to one of the cities within its vast network. Photo an illustration only.

Even if those three guys didn’t believe that switched-on smartphones could disturb all the electronics and communications and stuff in the cockpit, they must still obey the cabin crew’s very-simple-to-understand instructions. What if it’s true, what might have happened to the airplane and to all the passengers then? None of us wanted to die just yet. Didn’t those three guys know that we had brought back some tee-shirts and souvenirs for our family members and friends waiting for us at the arrival area or at home?

What can we say to such persons? Nothing. Because they are so empty-headed they cannot accept our friendly comment or advice. Instead of apologizing for their indiscipline, their fault,  they might even react in a rude or rough manner.

So if we are a person not in the position of authority, there is nothing we can do. We just have to accept the fact that there will be people who are of plain low-class mentality. Low class not because they travel in a low cost airline. They would have behaved the same low class way even if they were first class travelers in a normal airline.

Thank God their numbers are small. Although big enough to create plenty of troubles for the rest of mankind. We should be very thankful that our families and friends are not like them. Oh, always remember this:

People are not mentally low class just because they fly low cost airlines.


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Neelofa first woman director of AirAsia

Just a short one if you don’t mind, a few items about first this and first that. Nothing serious, though. First of all, Neelofa became the first woman director of AirAsia when she was appointed a non-executive independent director of AirAsia. Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor – that’s her full name – is, as you very well know, a successful businesswoman, an actress, and a TV host. She was appointed to the board of directors on December 2017.

Neelofa with Tan Sri Tony. Image from www.thestar.com.my

Make no mistake: Neelofa is not the first ever woman director in Malaysia. Other women had been appointed directors well before this, but in this story, Neelofa is the first woman appointed as non-executive independent director of AirAsia. Of AirAsia. Of AirAsia, ok?

Next item. It’s about something else. It might happen, it might not happen, nobody knows what the future holds, right? But if it happened, then sometime in April or May this year i.e. after the general elections, Tun Mahathir would be the first person to hold the position of Prime Minister two times. Twice. Or that is what his supporters are saying and wishing for.

a First for Neelofa

First this and First that

Tun Mahathir was Malaysia’s prime minister for 22 years from 1981 to 2003. the 93-year-old is now leading a coalition of Opposition parties to take over the federal government in the coming 14th General Election.

Enough about Neelofa and Tun Mahathir. Before we end this story, let’s go to two more Firsts:

Alice Wells joined the Los Angeles police department in September 1910. That made Miss Wells the world’s first policewoman.

Hillary Clinton almost became the USA’s first woman president. But she lost to Donald Trump and so she did not become one. She would have, I think, had enough women voted for her. Speaking of women voters, in 1893, women in New Zealand were the first to be given that right, not the Americans. American women got their right only 20 years later.


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