Murders in the name of Islam!

Murders. That’s what they were, are, and always will be. Despicable murders committed in the name of Islam. Heinous crimes carried out by monsters. Or done by wicked beings directed by evil people.

Yes, we are talking about those lives lost, brutally taken away by predators disguised as human beings. We are talking about murders by the dozens in so many places: 250 in Iraq, 20 in Bangladesh, 45 in Turkey, 35 in Yemen. And then in Pakistan, in the Philippines, in Saudi Arabia, in other places. All perpetrated in the name of Islam.

bombing in Baghdad - 250 killed

murder in Baghdad – 250 killed

As Muslims, we are very much saddened by the recent events. Islam that we know and practice does not teach its followers to be murderers. Islam teaches us to be compassionate, to love one another. Not to kill nor maim people. Distractors would argue otherwise but then, distractors will always be distractors.

We do not and cannot condone such brutalities. We do not share their so-called  aspirations. We do not even sympathize with their so-called causes and ideals. We are not with them. It’s time the sane world stand up against such madmen and madwomen and whoever are behind them. To stop the senseless murders and to bring back peace to all humanity.

The world cannot be held to ransom by these people. They do not deserve to live with us in this world. They must be eliminated. To do that, powerful countries of this world must pool their resources. They have the required financial and military capabilities. The task will not be easy but it needs to be done.

And to be noted: The ones who created and funded these killers all these many years ago in the first place must take all the blame and responsibilities.


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