Three hundred years of golfing

It was a designated day for senior golfers at this particular club where non-members are given a 20% discount off the normal golf rates. Somewhere into the round, it rained heavily, lightning and storms came around, forcing the club to sound the siren.

So about 30 people aged 50 and above were gathered (forced to, of course) under one roof at the same time.

300 years of golfing experience

My friend remarked, “Look, let’s see how many accumulative years of golfing experience we have right now!” 30 people, each guy having played at least for 10 years, so we had at that time, a place swirling with a total of 300 golfing years.

Wow! 300 years of golf… Now imagine, to mention just a few, the number of:

  • broken clubs, broken accidentally or due to anger,
  • lies – white lies, black lies, grey ones..lies for any occasion
  • mistaken scores – mistakenly mistaken, purposely mistaken
  • money lost and won -probably lost more than won
  • lost balls – gone into lakes and ponds, the rough
  • curses – due to missed two-footer putts, duffed shots, slices and pulls, imagined noises
  • broken hearts -hearts of playing partners, usually
  • anguished spouses (wives, especially) – from forgotten or broken promises to do this and that
  • fed-up caddies – for being blamed for those missed putts and lost balls

But in all those 300 years of collective golfing, have you and I ever come across even once any of the above situation? Of course never!

And so, here is more years to those 300! Happy golfing!!


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