Rory McIlroy is No. 1 in Golf But I Got a Fabulous Birdie on 2013’s First Day of Golf

Today, January 1st 2013, gave me a great bonus: I got a nice surprise – a fabulous, outrageous birdie!! Now, was that a good omen for my golf in 2013 or what… Well, for someone whose golf scores had always been 100 or just above, where a par was rare, a bogey was a par and a double bogey the norm, a birdie felt like something equal to an eagle.

I had joined some friends for a 2013 New Year Golf outing. We chose to play on a 102-year-old golf course, the Royal Kampong Kuantan Golf Club.

6golf tahun baru grup

4golf tahun baru COO

For those unfamiliar with it, this is a 9-hole, Par 35 flat course, which when played twice (the 1st 9 from Blue Tees, the 2nd 9 from the White Tees) becomes a Par 70.

I got my fabulous gift from the Par 3 11th. Playing from the White Tee, it was just 137 meters but I had hit my tee shot short, into the front-side bunker. I didn’t know how but I had managed to lift the ball out onto the green very nicely with a 58-degree wedge, where it took a short distance of roll, and then fell into the hole, for a birdie!!

A miracle or whatever it could be but I would still claim it as mine, okay? 🙂

McIlroy might be golf’s No.1 and Tiger Woods is No.2 but hey, I got a birdie today!! Wonderful, just wonderful, to have landed a birdie on the first day of golf of the new year 2013. Can’t wipe out the good feeling even though my score at the end of the game was the all-too-familiar 52-49=101. That, we will take care of in the next 364 days. plenty of time.

So, 2013 golf, give me your challenges and I shall grab you by the horn!!!


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  1. budusiam says:

    Damn good!!!!!….CONGRATS to pak ngah…sya dah bnyk round main kt rkkc tu x penah dpt birdie…damn!!!!…mau dpt par pun susah….hehehe…congrat again pak ngah..good start for 2013 season….:)

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