How To Avoid Dangers Playing Golf

Playing a round of golf is great fun for the players concerned, especially the one winning, but like most things, it’s not without its risks and dangers. You probably have encountered such a danger yourself, or you have heard stories about it.

So how to avoid such dangers?

I have been hit by a golf ball, due to my own carelessness. I had walked to the front, to my ball, when a player behind me took his shot. I did so thinking that he had already taken his shot but didn’t know that he had duffed it. So he was taking another shot when it happened.

The other two players were shouting “Ball!!” when this friend’s ball struck the inside of my left leg and caromed off. And I simply continued my swing, not really feeling anything. And that was because the ball had actually struck the flapping part of my pants, not on the thigh itself!

Another time was when I was struck by a buggy. Yes, a buggy! But this time it was not my fault. I had taken my shot, then walked to the front, and my buggy partner was driving the buggy slowly towards me from behind – I didn’t realise that – while looking for left and right for his ball. I only realised it, as did my friend the driver, when the buggy’s front left tyre had struck my right heel! No injuries of any kind whatsoever but my shoe did come off. And my friend the driver didn’t stop apologising even until we were back at the club house.

Then there was was this golfer who had lost one eye as a result of being hit by a golf ball that had ricocheted off a stone face of a little bridge on the course hit by his playing buddy. I had come across a story of an unfortunate 66-year-old lady from England who had died as a result of being hit on the back of her head by a golf ball driven by her son-in-law.

Back to our question: How can we avoid such dangers? I am sure you can come out with a long list of “How to” but let me just name these:

  • Never stand in front of a buggy.
  • Never stand anywhere in front of anyone taking his shot.
  • Go behind the windshield of your buggy every time someone is taking his shot.
  • Never say “No, I will never hit that far so I can hit now”.
  • Never take a shot when some one is in front of you.

 In other words, always play safe, avoid risk, don’t cause risk to others.

Happy and safe golfing!


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