Dangers faced by a golfer

Among all sports, golf is one of the safest. Compared to, for example, football, rugby, ice hockey, base jumping, and boxing. But no dangers? Really? Well, not always true. Here are just five examples:
1. Lightning
Everybody knows far too well how fatally dangerous lightning strikes can be.  There had been two or three cases of golfers who had died after being struck by lightning while on the golf course. That’s why golfers must hurry back to the nearest hut or the clubhouse the moment they hear the lightning siren being sounded. Don’t think or ask why, just stop whatever you are about to do and find proper shelters. That two-footer putt for birdie might be worth RM30.00 but it cannot be more valuable than your life.


2. Animals

You will see monkeys in many courses but I’m sure you haven’t yet heard of someone got attacked by them, right? But never forget: monkeys can be dangerous. A male one, especially, has not much respect for no golfer, single handicapped or not. Avoid him, ignore him, or simply don’t intimidate him.

Crocodiles, now they are always dangerous. I mean, the animal kind (the human kind can be deadly, too, but that is another story). Golfers would know of this particular story which happened on a golf course in the south of Malaysia: a golfer somehow got too near a sunbathing crocodile on the course, croc didn’t like him, and bit him. Golfer got some injuries, sued the club, and finally he and the club settled the case out-of-court.


3. Buggies

A buggy will never travel faster than an express bus on the highway but it’s still a dangerous thing. A friend related to me a story of how a golfer was accidentally knocked by a buggy driven by a flight mate. Result: worse than a double-par — the guy got a broken leg and no golf for two or three months.

Another golfer, while playing in Medan (Indonesia), couldn’t stop his buggy on time (brake failure or something), jumped out of the moving buggy and watched the thing roll towards a pond. No injuries but he and his buggy mate couldn’t continue playing: their golf sets got submerged in the water.

(about a quarter of this little tractor had gone into the pond, seen here being pulled to drier ground. A buggy, with the weight of a hippopotamus, would not have been so easily persuaded to come out of the water)

tractor in the pond

4. Balls

Never under-estimate that little round thing. once hit, it can be a canon ball. That’s why you can see this kind of notice on the golf course.


beware of balls!!

One friend told me of this incident: his flight mate took a bad drive (must have been), the ball went perpendicular, hit a waiting flight mate’s head who then fell down bleeding. The guy was immediately rushed to the clinic, got a few stitches — and a lousy memory.

5. Houses/Bungalows

You’d better believe it! A house, a bungalow, can be a danger to golfers.


Beware of houses!!!

I don’t know how — maybe the bungalow will jump at the passing golfer and bite the poor fella?


And so, who says that golf is just a nice walk in the park with no dangers?


(Note: this is a modified form of my earlier posting – in March 2011 – in my blog ceritapakngah.wordpress.com. That blog will be closed down shortly)



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6 Responses to Dangers faced by a golfer

  1. Budakboy says:

    But ‘Buaya’ sometime (always) it was very dangerous to our pocket money..be aware!

    • PakNgah says:


      golfers fear the land crocs (buaya) more than the water types hahaha!! These crocs are dangerous to the pockets and wallets.

  2. Michelle says:

    2 more dangers…

    1. Harmful sun ray
    2. Dangerous driving (speeding) just to meet the tee-time if you are already late…

    • PakNgah says:


      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.

      You are spot on! Sun lotion is always recommended. Umbrellas, too (but men are too vain to carry an umbrella hahaha). As for speeding, one of the causes of road accidents is speeding (hurrying, rather) to workplace when already late. One commuter train accident (I forget where) was caused by that factor. The driver wanted to catch up on his late schedule, thus he didn’t reduce his speed even when negotiating a corner. The train overshot and slammed into a condo.

      Err…can an excellent dish prepared by an excellent chef cause a golf accident? ( 😀 )

  3. Michelle says:

    Re speeding…my friend actually drove at 120km when the allowed speed limit is 90km/h at Air Keroh Highway coz he has already missed the tee time at 8.30am..Got stopped by the police in the end…My advice is always get ready early and allow more time for travelling….don’t rush 🙂

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