A little more story about golf’s Hole in One

You are a golfer. An amateur one. You may be a 36-handicapper, a 24-handicapper, a 9-handicapper, a scratch-handicapper. How many times in your life have you dreamed of making a Hole In One? Once? 10 times? Every time you are on the tee box of a Par 3?

Scoring a Hole In One is something of an achievement for a golfer. As if he has reached his/her ultimate aim in golf. That may be so but there are other things that come with the feat: the lifetime right to brag about it (hahaha), name engraved on the Hole In One board on the wall of the club (forever to be seen by friends and others), some kind of prize money from the club or the insurance company (usually the insurance company) to pay for food and drinks on the day, a certificate of achievement.  Sometimes other prizes as well. There could be a luxury car if in tournaments, flight tickets to somewhere, or a golf set.

naughty but true

naughty but true

You know that to score a Hole In One is not easy, yet you still have your dream. It’s not easy, but at the same time, not too difficult, either. You only need two things to work at the exact same time: (1) Luck, and (2) Skill.

Yes, sir, you read that right: not (1) Skill and (2) Luck.

Luck: Don’t know how much luck do you need but I think you need a lot. Like, 99%? Whatever the amount, this thing people call “luck”, you must have it with you. You can have the fantastic golf skills of a Phil Mickelson but if luck is not with you, you can never have your Hole in One.

Skill: You need only the basic skill to hit the golf ball somewhat correctly so that the little dimpled ball will fly to the front. It doesn’t need to be perfect – just enough skill to keep the ball travel to the front, towards the green, towards the hole. And also, you must hit it so that the ball does not fly into bunkers, oceans, drains, tree branches etc.

Good skills No luck?

Good skills No luck?

So there you have it, for you to score a Hole In One, you need lots of Luck and some Skill. Those were the reasons why in 2007, an American lady, Elsie McLean, 102-years-old, scored a Hole In One. The hole? Par-3, 100 yards. (To this day she remains the oldest person male or female to have scored a Hole In One).

Did we “luck”? Some calculations have been made to show the chances of a golfer scoring a Hole In One:

  • 3,000 to 1, if you are a Tour player
  • 5,000 to 1, if you are a low handicapper
  • 12,000 to 1, if you are an average player
  • 30,000 to 1, for others

3,000 to 1 for a Tour player? Can you imagine the level of skills a Tour golfer has? Meaning without lots of luck even he/she can’t make a Hole In One. Even Tiger Woods would need luck. When was the last time he scored a Hole In? But then, speaking of Tiger, Woods has hit a total eighteen holes-in-one in the course of his lifetime.

Whatever the odds, if you are lucky, you are lucky. But be very careful, though. Some clubs may have its own rules on such things. Let’s say you score a Hole In One on your lucky day (that’s what you think). After you have finished your round you and your playing partners happily go back to the clubhouse to claim your reward and fame. Very sorry, sir, there were only the three of you playing, the club does not recognise your Hole In One. And there goes your lucky day.

We are very sorry but...

We are very sorry but…

So I suppose it’s always wise to play 18 holes of golf with three others. In case you hit a Hole In One.

Well, Hole In One or not, just enjoy the golf!! (The Hole In One will come along if you are lucky. On your lucky day. One day. Soon).


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