The Three-Act Structure

The other day whilst attending a small seminar, I learnt something new. It’s something called the “Three-Act Structure“.

It’s a theory that in a drama or movie script, it should be written in a narrative of three phases or parts: the Setup, the Confrontation or the Conflict, and the Resolution. If you are like me, you will find this over and over again in Hindi films.

You see a boy and a girl (Act 1), then they get to meet and fall in love and someone else comes in to separate their love (Act 2), and finally (Act 3) the boy fights of all the troubles and troublemakers and marry the girl.

Real life itself is the same, don’t you think? At work, you and another person is given a piece of assignment to do, then both of you go about doing it, arguing and fighting and scolding and discussing, and finally, both of you come to an agreement somehow, and the assignment is completed.

Real life, did we say? Act 1: You are born, learn to eat and walk and all that; Act 2: You grow up, go to school and college, get a job or do a business, fall in love with a guy, quarrel with people or whatever, get married etc, and then, Act 3: You die.

The Three-Act Structure has always been there. Since Adam and Eve, except that I wouldn’t have looked at life and things that way if I had not heard about it from the speaker of that seminar.


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