Newcastle United’s New Year

Yes, it’s certainly not the kind of New Year fans and sympathizers of Newcastle United would love to have.

Today is January 4th, and they are just 2 points off the Danger Zone:

  • No. 14:  Sunderland: 22 points
  • No. 15: Newcastle: 20
  • No. 16: Aston Villa: 19
  • No. 17: Southampton: 18
  • No. 18: Wigan: 18
  • No. 19: Reading: 13
  • No. 20: QPR: 13

To add to the current freezing weather, today (January 4th) is also the day one of Newcastle’s leading goal scorers, Demba Ba, moves over to Chelsea. He will surely be sorely missed but life, as they say, must move on. Only the life will be a bit more difficult than before.

There’ll be plenty more football to play from now until May, and nothing is impossible. But a sensible, realistic prediction: No. 13-15 would be more than okay. 🙂

But oh what a tumble for the Magpies from last season’s high 5th place in the league… 🙁


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