A joke about a married couple

(This is an English translation of an earlier posting named “Joke mengenai seorang suami dan isteri”)

I heard this joke from one fellow I met when I went for a short trip to a neighbouring country. And he said he got it from his friend. Who in turn got it from a newspaper. Just like a ghost story: you didn’t see the ghost yourself but you heard it from your friend. Did he see it? No, he in turn heard it from his friend.

Sorry if you have heard it before.

While they were engaged, Woman told her Man that she didn’t know how to cook. She could boil rice though but that was about it. Man replied, that’s okay. Over time, you would learn.

By the end of their first year of marriage, they had managed to live in thoer own house. The house was just comfortable for them, and there was a bedroom, a rectangle, raised cooking place made of concrete etc, a bathroom. And Wife said to Husband, I am sorry dear, I still don’t know how to cook to prepare meals for you. Husband lovingly replied, “It’s ok my darling, you can learn all that. After all, there are only two of us, we can always buy packed rice (take-aways)”.

Second year of marriage, and they had a baby. Wife still didn’t know how to cook, felt very guilty about it, and asked for her husband’s forgiveness. “Sorry darling, everybody the three of us just eat packed rice”. The husband, ever so understanding, said “It’s okay love, when our baby has grown up a bit, you can learn cooking”.

Into their third year of marriage, they got one more child. The wife felt even more guilty, she still didn’t know how to cook. “Dear, I still don’t have the time to learn cooking”. This time the husband kept quiet. Just continued with his meal of packed-rice.

The following day, he went out to work as usual but returned home just two hours later. With two men with him. The wife was caught by surprise by this abnormal thing, because her husband had never cam home that early. And who are these guys?

My dear wife, these two guys are Andi and Joko. They are home renovators. They have a job to do here.

You mean, to expand our house?

No, my dear. They are here to tear down our concrete cooking place.

(Serious note: a marriage is not a joke, or something to be joked about, but there must be jokes in a marriage)


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