Hello everybody!!

Today, now, I am writing this on my “own dotcom”. Nothing great about that – thousands others had already done that before me – but it’s still something exciting for me personally. As some of you had known, I had blogged previously on  a “public” site (http://ceritapakngah.wordpress.com). I will be moving those few stories I had written there to here.

ceritapakngah” is a combination of two Malay words: “cerita” (stories), “Pak Ngah” (Middle Uncle). Directly translated, it means “Middle Uncle’s Stories”. that is, “Uncle’s Stories”.  My nephews and nieces and people a generation below call me “Pak Ngah” (Middle Uncle), hence this blog’s name.

The “little story”? Oh, as in my previous blog site, this could be about anything and on anything, but nothing seriously serious. It’d be about the things I had come across, about what I had heard from you or others, about what I had read. Basically, to bring a little smile to us all.

And then of course some stories about and around golf, that silly game I play with friends now and then (the friends and I are not silly, though).

So that’s it for now. Hope to meet with you soon, with a little story to share with you.

Thank you so much for your time.

be good, be safe.




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social golfer; 24-handicapper.
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6 Responses to Hello everybody!!

  1. AskBudakboy says:

    “Middle Uncle” hehe..i loike it =).

  2. jk says:

    congrat Pak Ngah.. I like..mana button nak tekan i like.

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  4. matt laclear says:

    Good points

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