Golf improvement tip – How to cut off a few strokes off your handicap

Golf players who have long played this ancient game yet still stuck with very high handicaps should stop whatever they are doing right now and learn from these two simple golf tips to help improve your game:

Don’t know how true and how really applicable but a friend told me of these tips, and he has asked me to spread this knowledge around, to as many people who play golf as possible. So I’m just doing him a favour, actually. If you don’t find any of them effective, don’t blame me, please.

Okay then, without further ado, here are those two golf tips:

  1. Play only up to the 16th or 17th hole. Add up your strokes only up to the completed holes. See how many strokes you have cut off your game already?
  2. Golf all 18 holes but give yourself a generous discount: each triple bogey or double par equals to a double bogey. There you have it: more saved strokes.

Now that you know you can easily play at a better handicap, go enjoy your golf more…you might even be able to beat Rory McIlroy!!

ps: If by and by you find your regular golf kaki are running away from you, not picking up your phone calls etc ….


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