Newcastle United are now….

Last night I watched live on tv, the match between Newcastle United vs Southampton.

Southampton, a team two or three rungs down the table from Newcastle, were clearly the more dominating team, though Newcastle did have a few good chances not converted.

But it is the final results that mattered so one goal conceded in each half (one more goal ruled offside, would have been three) by this white-black-striped team ensured Southampton getting all three points. Good for Southampton, not good for the Magpies.

Bad, in fact. Because by now they have been losing three successive matches. Not a fantastic result compared to how they performed by this stage last season.

So where are they now? After 13 matches played, they are at No. 14 in the table, with 14 points, which is not too far from the Bottom Three, the relegation zone! Oh, they did score 13 goals but admitting 19.

Whatever it has been, we hope for better performances from the Magpies!!

By the way, the current top dog of the EPL are Manchester United with 30 points, and Manchester City with 29 points (and ManCity are the only team without a loss so far).



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  1. PakNgah says:

    Newcastle are living dangerously close to The Bottom Three now. Just two points separating them from the first of the current Bottom Three. Not good; not good at all.

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