Newcastle United…a bit more news

On Nov 26th, I shared with you that Newcastle United were at No. 14 in The Table, with 14 points, and at a place not very far from The Bottom Three.

Newcastle United

That was one week ago. Let’s see where they are now:

Newcastle United are still at No. 14 in The Table, with 14 points, just 2 points separating them from Southampton, the first of The Bottom Three. That’s not so bad although a little bit too close. (Also on 13 points are Wigan and Aston Villa).

 I also mentioned that Manchester United were the leaders with 30 points whilst Manchester City were next, and still the only team without a loss.

As of today?

  • ManU, having scraped through their match for a 4-3 win against Reading (yes, Reading!), are still leading everybody else with their 36 points, and the next team are still ManCity, themselves winners against Wigan, with 33 points, and still the only team without a loss.
  • The current candidates going down to the lower division next season are Southampton (12 points), Reading (9), and of course the luckless QPR (6).

Meanwhile, fans and sympathizers of the Magpies are waiting with bated breath the match on Dec 4th where the team will host Wigan. Kick off time will be 04.00 p.m. local time. Will the Magpies win?

p.s.: Teams right now playing… Norwich vs Sunderland. Norwich have scored 1-0 on the 8th minute. Match in progress. I can’t wait till it ends…too sleepy 🙂




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  1. PakNgah says:

    Norwich won 2-1, so Sunderland with 13 points are now just one point above the relegation zone.

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