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Golf improvement tip – How to cut off a few strokes off your handicap

Golf players who have long played this ancient game yet still stuck with very high handicaps should stop whatever they are doing right now and learn from these two simple golf tips to help improve your game: Don’t know how true and how really … Continue reading

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Newcastle United have beaten Aston Villa 2-1!!!

Newcastle United, sebuah football club yang telah mula aktif sejak tahun 1892, ada cerita pasal dia orang yang saya nak share dengan tuan-puan adik-kakak semua kali ni. Termasuklah dengan beberapa orang tertentu yang di bawah ni: orang yang dok ingat … Continue reading

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Golf – Oldest Golf Clubs in Malaysia

Yang kita nak tulis kali ni bukanlah sejarah golf di Malaysia yang definitif (you have been warned!). Cuma kita nak sembang-sembang secara sambil lalu tentang golf club atau padang golf yang tertua di Malaysia, oldest golf clubs in Malaysia.  Ok, so … Continue reading

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