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Tiger Woods’ era coming to an end?

Tiger Woods was golf’s No. 1 for a record 623 weeks. He has won a total of 97 tournaments around the globe. He has won 14 majors, a feat second only to – who else – Jack Nicklaus. Surpassing Jack’s … Continue reading

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Golf dan Kehidupan

Seorang kawan lama Pak Ngah berfalsafah, bahawa nak tengok kehidupan kita, tengoklah golf. Banyak persamaan dan reflection satu sama lain (kawan Pak Ngah tu golfer, jadi persamaan yang dia bagi tak lari jauh dari golf. Kalau dia tu kaki pancing/joran, tentulah … Continue reading

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Slow Play in golf (errrrggghhh!!!)

A big majority of – if not all – golfers would rank Slow Play very high up there as the thing that upset them the most. They can bear the curses and four-letter words by fellow flight mates, ignore all … Continue reading

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