Amending the Minor Offences Act


I wish to put on record that I am 100% in support of the moves by the government to amend the Minor Offences Act. It is about time.

My only comment is: Nobody bothered about the Act until a pig came along.

Yes, it took a pig to draw everybody’s attention to this major thing. Because only when this particular lady who was suffering from anaemia wrote her name down as “BABI” (Malay for “pig”) on the summons notice issued by a traffic policeman to her that we came to realise that the maximum fine provided for by the Act is only RM100.

One hundred ringgit at the time when, for example, a teacher’s pay was RM300.00 was of course huge in value. And therefore a fine of RM100 would have made an offender very poor. But not now when – again, as an example – a teacher’s pay is around RM3,000.

And so, thank you Mr Pig, for being the reason behind a major change to be done on one of our laws.



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Newcastle United and the Championship League


As at the time when this story is being typed, the tale and the story about Newcastle United┬áin the Championship League is quite encouraging to any soul who has read it. In case you missed it, let’s do a bit of copypasting for you:

Of course it would be true that anybody with a weak heart should not look at the Table of Standings for too long. So what if we are leading by only one miserable point? We are leading, ain’t we?

Anyway, for you sour grapes, eat your heart out: the White-Black-Striped Seahorse team are standing on top of the heap right now. And if you have some spare time, and curious to know which teams are sitting right at the bottom, you may want to go here:

Meanwhile, many, many people – be they supporters, fans, or mere observers – are of the opinion (of course they are quite right) that when this season ends and the new one begins, this team will no longer be playing in this present league.

And let me say this: Newcastle will not embarrass their fans and supporters any more.


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Mendengar kabar berita dari Newcastle United


Cerita dan kabar dari Newcastle United sehingga berita ini ditulis, agak memberangsangkan jiwa yang membacanya. Jom kita copypaste sikit:

Memanglah bila melihat Table of Standings di atas tu, doktor pakar jantung tidak akan rekomen mereka yang jantungnya tidak begitu kuat untuk tengok table tu lama-lama. Tetapi hakikat ceritanya, begitulah: Pasukan Kuda Laut Belang ini sedang berada di persada teratas. Di puncak dunia yang di bawahnya kedapatan belasan pasukan lain sedang berada di bawah. Bagi sesiapa yang nak tengok team mana yang paling corot, bolehlah luangkan masa ke sini:

Sementara itu ramai yang agak yakin – baik penyokong, peminat, mahupun pemerhati – bahawa musim selepas ini, pasukan ini tidak akan bermain dalam liga yang sekarang ini lagi. Apa pun, sama-samalah kita lihat dan perhati.

Newcastle tidak akan menyebabkan peminat dan penyokongnya kesipuan lagi.


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